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Flawer about Sharewiki / Shareful

Hot question

I should be bringing (better edited) the content from to this wiki, if no further comments/ideas in a week or so..

Rest of proposal rant

Hiz, please feel free to forward this message or your reply to whichever other channel. it is a bit condensed and full of issues, i don't want to hassle, i just need to solve such questions for going to clear sw and edit in in a very proper manner....

i'd like you to read this article:

there you can find the basic whys I am needing to document barter in a wiki. My belief of “barter is for exchange what shareful is for sharing” is quite resumy and explanatory.

I am using for all shareful invitation accessory documents, and feel so cool with that having an specific place apart of the one for “sharings” in general.

The problem comes up with where to place articles about cooperative models which offer barter platforms (direct exchange and communitarian currencies) as well and the collectivizing (the sharing) of planned production resources. I would say that sharewiki is the place for that, but I wouldn't mind to document that in shareful be or maybe it's even better to have yet another wiki, (if we think that those cooperatives are corrupting sharing with their barter models hibrids).

A funny philo issue in this one is that shareful is somehow difamating "sharing" (and so sharewiki :-) but always friendly, ::::).

A personal thing for me is that if barter (and their communitarian currencies sofistications) are not suitable for sharewiki, I just can compromise to the editing of the local resources categories there at sw. One can think that communitarian currencies are sharing and are not barter, but then comes up the problem of when that currency is generated in a street swap and dies after the supplying of the quid pro quo in exchange It has to be named different than communitarian currency i guess (it should be named as barter, and so needs its defining standard).

Another issue is a need I feel I have of documenting new (strange fun) words and essays such as:

reasonabliest, form al, deep love, etc.

I could either feel comfortable to edit those at sharewiki and I am also thinking whether they could better be in a new or go to or start a wiki. Or else (thought?) ?

Where to edit pages such as assemblies facilitation techniques, netiketes, taxonomies for projects?

I prefer sharewiki than for that, but I am (as always) open to any other thought.

See the category:wikis at sharewiki. Wouldn't they be better directly at ?

i.e. wikful, wikist, wikable? or to the strange wiki ? This words are nice enough to deserve a short page for capturing searches from 'mad' people. Imho :)

about interwikis on I think each of the wikis should have enabled the interwiki with the rest of all other (or at least the 'sensible') hosted wikis. Then, we don't think on having to think on specific subfederations.

I don't know how is the semantic mediawiki featuring across farmed wikis, but if that is an option it's interesting to consider it for the content organizing. i.e. a page in sw or else about a coop that deals with housing, housing chapter in a page to follow the semantic standards of couchwiki..

see and tell me if you'd like to contact those (which not) for a more proper interwiki featuring.

We have to make an effort in collectively and consensually defining the sharing page at sharewiki. I am ok with the editing style of not much deep in the sw pages. I am also ok with making sw a collection of articles for an average person that don't want to mess up much with some too specified roadmap of collecting pages in a corporate way (such as the most of p2pf wiki). I am also ok with sw being a default place for specific projects such as leipzig project, nomadbase, represuro, or we can also think if we want to set up a place for those too.

Definetely what is the most important in sw, is to have good local pages such as barcelona that feed the local pages from other wikis and content can be created there directly in sw too.

Regarding maintenance of sw: the registration admins add users, and we should enable an contact email aliased to 3 or 4 people for new users. That email could also be

and to clean up the user list with the actual spammy users. I can't compromise to clean up spam, cos I know they have more time than me and … I can't..

Regarding project management it needs more communication chanels such a mailing list, and it also can have a difusion account in privative social networks such as fb, tw, lkinkedin and else of the kind, once someone reliable with our principles offers himself for maintaining those.

Some roadmap page, presentations, invitations to join, categories and etcs should be also thought about.... I am very happily ready to filter out all noise to-for sysadmins, but don't care but don't deny about fb, tw, etc promotion. (yes I can maintain a group, i'd like a diaspora info point too but I can't maintain it)

we also need to include it in the mw farms page i guess

/dumps in sw don't work (or i don't know how) and what's the url for dumps ?

if there's too much server load, do the dumps weekly or mothly, saving worries maybe, you'll see.

See dumps Guaka (talk) 00:47, 30 April 2013 (CEST)