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mewsh is a MediaWiki shell, in the style of drush and mewsh lives at

mewsh currently does the following:

  • finds a mediawiki installation (also checks w/ and wiki/)
  • checks for .mewsh/mewsh.aliasesrc.php


There are subcommands like wp-cli.


mewsh db cli # gives you a mysql cli with the database, you can probably also pipe into this
mewsh db dump # dumps the entire database 


mewsh maintenance update              # will run maintenance/update.php
mewsh maintenance getText Main_Page   # will get the Main_Page article through maintenance/getText.php


mewsh var variableName            # shows $variableName, e.g.
mewsh var wgSitename
mewsh var sitename                   # mewsh also tries wgArgument
mewsh var mewDir
mewsh cd                                  # shortcut for the above
cd $(mewsh cd)                         # go to mediawiki root directory



$aliases = array();
$aliases['wikiyt'] = array(
                          'uri' => '',
                          'root' => '/var/www/',
                          'remote-host' => '',   // This will try to run the command over ssh

With that you can do mewsh @wikiyt db cli from anywhere on the machine where this is set up. ssh support is planned, just like drush.

Bug reports / feature requests


And feel free to add bug reports, feature/pull requests, etc.