MediaWiki spam removal

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We're good at MediaWiki spam removal.

We do this by several combined approaches.

Idea: turn wiki spam fighting into a game

Case study: Creative Commons Wiki

The Creative Commons wiki is supposed to be a resource for CC licensed works. It doesn't really look like a wiki but wiki spammers can easily find it.

The CC wiki had over 15k pages, with most of these being obvious spam.

There are also a lot of pages that have "hidden" links, that look like this dot at the end.


Some recommendations / ideas for fighting spam on this wiki.

The most urgent ones are in a bold typeface.


set up coordinated team

  • give trusted users sysop rights to help fighting spam (by blocking and deleting)
  • give more trusted people bureaucrat rights to promote trusted users to sysops
  • invite people to join through IRC, social media, mailing lists
  • set goals
    • e.g. no new spam
      • block all new spammers and remove all their contributions retrospectively
    • remove 200 spam pages per day



  • faster server (for faster manual spam removal)
  • better captcha
  • run a bot to clean up existing spam
    • based on picking user names
    • based on keywords in titles and/or articles