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Kasper Souren

  • Editing Wikipedia since 2003
  • First successful wikis set up in 2006
  • MediaWiki consulting for a big government organization and also smaller ones such as Wikimini and CouchSurfing
  • CV - LinkedIn - twitter

Wiki Guru : Available for

Stew Green

  • An expert in internet since 1995 when I was part of a team of 4 people in Frontier, one of the first internet providers in the London. So built entire websites with nothing more than Microsoft Notepad
  • Before then in 1987 I was told "stop playing around and get on with your real work", after I harnessed the power of multiple accounts on the University mainframe to build an electronic magazine called the Parish News, whilst friends had built a chat message systems on the same computer system.
  • Is a Wikipedia Contibutor, but more often find myself HELPING OTHER PEOPLE by inputting information into travel wikis & Couch Surfing communities, because I see users are struggling with the same questions again & again and as a travellers of 111 countries in 23 years of travel I often understand the situation know the answers.
  • Also similarly a regular contributor to other communities : the BBC Click technology radio programme, other science programmes and skeptical organisations.
  • CV Instant Management Temporary Projects ANYWHERE in the world
  • Stew Green on Facebook

Content Writer : Available for

  • Support to Kasper Souren
  • Content writing and editing in English (native speaker)
  • Special Projects