The hot period of “Speed and Passion 8” has passed, but the engine roar in this film is still hovering in the minds of many fans or fans. People are indispensable, and some unrealistic objects always make us full of illusions, just like the feeling of “Speed and Passion 8”. Unless people are a professional car enthusiast, no one will spend so much time So let’s put aside the word price, just look at the car and watch for the sake of the race. Maybe you like a car and don’t necessarily like a watch. How do people feel the speed of passion without a watch?

Alfa Romeo ALFA Giulietta VS Replica TAG Heuer Monaco Limited Edition Automatic Chronograph 40mm Series CAL5110.FC6265 Watch

This limited edition Giulietta produced only six cars worldwide. Maybe you think that 1.4 liters of horsepower is too common, but an engine that uses MultiAir technology will make the car crazy. The Lancia Delta chassis is very compact, while the traits that only belong to Romeo can be fully reflected in the driving experience.

In the same limited edition as the Giulietta, this watch’s colorful dial coincides with the fresh and energetic character of Giulietta. Of course, the so-called different ways of the same way are more in the configuration and function. The imitated Monaco watch CAL5110.FC6265, features an automatic mechanical movement. The 40 mm diameter square case has a black leather strap. The daily waterproof solution solves the ripples in the wind and rain. The long power reserve and timing function are definitely on the track.

When mentioning TAG Heuer Monaco, people have to mention its history. TAG Heuer is a watch brand with sports and timing as the brand DNA, known as “the representative of Swiss avant-garde style since 1860”. TAG Heuer pays special attention to the cooperation with the F1 team. Since the 1970s, it has cooperated with the Ferrari team. From 1985 to now, it has cooperated with the McLaren team and won numerous honors.

The Monaco collection, born in 1969, is one of the more recognizable models that people can see at a glance. It is the world’s first square waterproof automatic winding chronograph. And it was a hit in 1971, Steve McQueen appeared in the “Le Mans” movie wearing the TAG Heuer Monaco Caliber 11 mechanical watch, at that time, that wipes the fashion of the 60s Style and film make it a classic together with the movie “Fast Mania.”

This watch is also popular with Steve McQueen. What is special about it is the left crown, which means that the watch does not need to be manually wound. While on the right is the chronograph button. And it has evolved to become a big mark of the series.