In the watch manufacturing Breguet has the name of “The king of the watch”, and also has the reputation of “father of modern watch”. Because Breguet has invented more than 70 percent of the technology in the manufacturing and has won many professional awards. It is also a famous brand that is recognized by many people. Let’s take a look at this wristwatch.

The crown is consistent with the characteristics of Breguet, the design of the Logo is adopted, which displays the quality brings you a sense of security at the same time. And the threaded screw-in crown is also convenient to change the time.

Black leather strap with white stitch, high glossiness, and the perfect coloring process, it shows the nobleness and elegance of the dial. Also, the genuine leather has a good breathability, and so is this wristwatch strap. Black represents imperturbable and stable, it is suitable for mature successful men.

This wristwatch has relatively straight and short lugs that adequately shows the charm of the 42mm large dial, moreover, it increases the comfort of wearing.

Roman numerals hour scale subdial with two unique yellow subdials on each side, which display the date and the week, and a vaulted subdial on the top that shows the moon phase. With these subdials, it will tell you the most accurate time.

Decorated with special waved pattern and six screws at the edge. In the middle, the brand name and the logo are engraved on it. A hollowed-out design is unique to let people see the movement clearly and reflects the complexity and functionality.

Why is it worth buying, because this wristwatch is in line with all the features of Breguet. From herringbone to unique blue hands, they are full of Breguet elements.

The perfect combination of classic and modern, shiny leather highlights your dignity. It is a very wise choice to be able to choose a vintage and affordable Breguet wristwatch in the acceleration of consumption concept today.