Year by year, Rolex is always popular with the public. The reason is that it has excellent quality and outstanding appearance. Every watch still retains its classical connotation even the time is passed by, just like this Rolex Day-date wristwatch, it attracts people’s attention in any possible way and it can stand the test of time.

In 1956, the Rolex Day-Date first came out and it was the first watch to display the date and the week spelt out fully in a window on the dial. Next, I will show you the charm and characteristics of this watch.

This wristwatch is gold-tone which is a symbol of nobility. 36mm case size is suitable for most men and the gold-plated stainless steel is the most common band style, which is not only attractive in solid and durable quality, but is easier to match in daily life.

Yellow gold dial with thin straight hands and alternating diamond and baton hour scales. A curved window at 12 o’clock displays the week and the crown logo is clearly seen below it. The date window is displayed at 3 o’clock with a convex glass covered which can enlarge the calendar by 2.5 times. It gives people more convenience to read the date and it is also a hallmark of Rolex and increases brand recognition. The fluted bezel makes the watch more beautiful and the snap-in case back can protect the movement well at the same time.

The classic style, the trustworthy quality, and the efforts to make new innovations have shown why the brand is so popular. This lordly and stylish wristwatch is one of the finest watches of Rolex. Whether you’re at work or taking part in important situations, it can reflect your taste.