Chopard, which has a long history of 158 years’ watchmaking, was founded by Louis- Ulysse Chopard in 1860. The well-known watch brand all over the world is regarded as one of the best watchmakers for its innovative design, elegant style and high end craftsmanship.

It is Happy Diamonds which launched in 1976 that lays the foundation for Chopard in luxury watch field.
Ronald kulovsky, a designer of Chopard, was inspired by shining drops of waterfall in the sun. Luxury diamonds in different shapes which are dancing between two-tier sapphire crystal glasses make people feel happy. The unique and bold innovation won the Golden Rose at the Baden in Germany in 1976. Happy Diamonds combines traditional craftsmanship with creative design, which makes it become a famous symbol of Chopard watch.

Chopart Happy Sport has attracted a great number of female women since it launched in 1993. As for fancy price, some think it is worth collecting because of distinctive design and brand value; but others think the female watch with battery operated quartz isn’t worth that high price except for luxury diamonds, even it ‘s better to get an imitation Chopard. Whether is replica Chopard Happy Sport black watch Ref. 278551-3002 worth purchasing?

1. Replica Chopard Happy Sport black watch Ref. 278551-3002 has almost the same appearance as the original except for the date display. The date aperture of the original version is set at half past four, while that of the replica Chopart Happy Diamonds watch is at six O’clock. If you consider the date display at half past four as the only standard to tell the truth or fake, you will be wrong. Chopard Happy Sport black watch Ref. 288525-3005 has a date aperture at six O’clock. In a word, the appearance design for replica Chopard Happy sport watch Ref. 278551-3002 is the same as Chopard Happy Sport black watch Ref. 288525-3005 but the dimension.

2. Chopard Happy Sport black watch Ref. 278551-3002 is equipped with battery operated quartz, while the replica with Japan quartz. It is well-known that quartz movement has at most two-year life span and its error range is ±15 seconds per month. If you care for the movement and accuracy more, you probably think it isn’t worth $3000-4000. Besides, Japan quartz movement has high performance, so the replica Happy Sport watch is a good option.

3. Comparing with the real edition for 36 mm, the replica Chopard Happy Diamonds watch is 4 mm less than its diameter.

4. Most girls seldom pay attention to the watch’s performance, on the contrary, they focus on diamonds, beautiful design and brand value. They are willing to collect them as long as the watch is distinctive and beautiful. It’s better for you to buy luxury products according to your own situation. Replica watches are not bad choices.