With the rapid development of society, the ideas are also advancing with the time. For the watch, at the beginning function of accurate time, to the practical display, and the current symbol of taste and connotation. No matter what kind of watch, it always shows the personality and pursuit of owner.

40mm diameter white dial is round that is made of fine polished 18k rose gold material. With the date window, the watch has no decoration that makes it a simple watch. And the replica watch uses the Swiss 316L Steel to make the screw down back, and the sapphire crystal mirror is located on center.

Through the transparent case back, SWISS 2824-2 movement can be appreciated well. The Brown Crocodile Leather touches comfortable, which is equipped with the classic buckle.

Friends who have knowledge about watches should know that most mechanical watches like to use a transparent back. Moreover, the current quartz watch is also involved in this aspect. If we want to realize the reason, perhaps the following will give some advice.

Why the transparent back of the watch is so popular
The transparent back has a long history, which has been created since the 1990s on mechanical watches. Now, many of watches also use a transparent back cover, closely following the pace of the times. Transparent back cover is not only for decoration and good-looking, its biggest use is to let the customers clearly see the movement part of the watch, in order to distinguish the quality of the watch, which can be assured to buy.

Moreover, if you know the difference between a mechanical and a quartz watch, you will gradually understand why mechanical watch needs transparent back.

The accuracy of the quartz watch is 30 times than that of the mechanical watch, and the quartz watch with the same function is one-tenth to one-hundred thousandth of the price of the mechanical watch. Regardless of the design, practicality, and function, the mechanical watch is far worse than the quartz watch. Even though, why do people have to spend hundreds of or tens of thousands of price to buy mechanical watches? Maybe it is because of connotation.

It is well know that the complexity of the internal structure belongs to the mechanical watches. The transparent case back allows the owner of the watch to see the operation inside structure of the mechanical watch, learn more about the magic of machinery, and carefully understand the artistic beauty of design. All of these is the unique art of the mechanical watch.

This 18k Rose Gold replica watch is beautifully crafted, quality guaranteed and very cheap. Transparent back is very wonderful, and it is very good in the replica timepiece.