In May of this year, Chopard announced that Wang Yuan became the youngest brand ambassador of the brand and invited him to attend the Cannes Film Festival this year. The reason why the brand chooses Wang Yuan should be its long-term development requirements.

First of all, it is also the most important “popularity”.
Today, the “Fan Economy” is popular and it will bring good resources to the star that paves the way for his/her development. This is why Wang Yuan has been able to win so many endorsements and almost all of them are high-level endorsements.

Second, the own potential of Wang Yuan.
Wang Yuan attended the UN Youth Forum as a UNICEF Youth Education Envoy.
He was named as one of the 30 most influential teenagers in the world by Time magazine. At the same time, he is also a UNICEF education messenger. These achievements are not simply available meaning that he has the strength.
Let’s take a look at the young spokesperson — Chopard L.U.C Automatic watch.

40MM diameter dial is night black. Arabic markers around the dial are tidy and clean that make the time reflect in an obvious way. Silver dagger-style hands matches the dark black dial showing the luxury and fashion. Sapphire Crystal offers the customer a clear view. Silver round bezel is normal but it is the fine design with the leather strap. The material of case is Swiss 316L Steel that is durable and stylish.

Automatic watch is more convenience than chronograph watch for the reason that it don’t need operate frequently. Genuine leather strap feels comfortable when adjusts wrist.

After rigorous polishing, testing and assembly, so that the complex Swiss ETA 2871 movement can be perfect in front of the customer. This is not just a representation of basic or complex functions, but it’s the symbolic of the watch technology, and it’s a piece of clock art.

Do you know the meaning of Swiss Made?
“Swiss Made” tag:
1.Watch movement must be a Swiss movement.
(What is the Swiss movement? Qualified “assembly and testing completed in Switzerland and the original value of more than 50% is the original Swiss” )
2.The steps to assemble the movement into the watch must be completed in Switzerland;
3.The watch must be final tested in Switzerland.

This knockoff watch is a tradition that continues this brand, which is simple and low-key with not many decorations. And the basic features don’t own much innovation. However, the exquisite details add a lot of glamour to watch. If you like simple and low-key life, this watch will be your best choice. Of course, you can use it to match the beautiful dress and balance the overly luxurious accessories.