Red is always means alert: red alert, red card, red light, red- light district, red figure and so on. Perhaps because this color is quite unique, so the red thing is more interesting to everyone. And it is fascinating. OK, let’s appreciate a red watch that is crazy.
Rose gold is the harmonious material which can join any other materials to create a new style.
35mm diameter silver dial is the normal size for people to wear, no matter at the formal occasion or leisure moment.
Arbic number with three triangular arrows black markers stays at themselves stations of the silver dial. And the rest of markers are shown in different ways that seems a little unique.
Broad arrow metallic hands seems powerful that can easy show the time when need.
While the thin arrow second hand is gentle matching the simple dial.
More special, the date window is between the 4 and 5 o’clock different from other style watches.
Ploygon shape case with the round rose gold bezel is a smart design to join their together offering a special experience when the customers dress the watch. The Material of the case is Swiss 316L Steel, which is polished well.
It is very good for the integrated lugs to transform the softness of the case to the softness of the leather strap. The perfect combination of the two is very harmonious.
Onion-shape crown with logo of brand is a good method to operate the watch in a right way.
As we all know that leather strap is always comfortable to suit the wrist than other types. Red crocodile leather strap with the same tone stitching offers a gentle feeling when wear it. And the color can match almost any color, so don’t worry about the clothes that can combine with the watch. The color of inner side strap is nude that is graceful. And the Chopard logo is engraved on it.
Ardillon Buckle has no feature but it is convenient to take on or off.
Screw-down silver watch case back that made of Swiss 316L Steel is steady and safe that can ensure the function of the watch in a good way.
Quartz (No Chrono) is more relaxed than other movements, which don’t need to care every frequently. The blogger prefers this style of movement because she is a lazy girl.
Sum up
Chopard Elton John rose gold knockoff watch is a gentle element that witnesses some of the significant moment and shares the happiness time with the blogger. Though it is a knockoff watch, it has the high-quality with the low price. For its wonderful appearance, the watch is deserved to be a partner for a person who loves life and freedom.