During this time, the rumors of “Song Hye Kyo’s deletion of ins photos” and “Song Hye Kyo did not wear wedding rings” became increasingly fierce on the Internet. However, some netizen said that without a ring is divorce, but not wearing a ring is all married”! In fact, my personal thought is that regardless of whether someone is married or divorced, wearing a ring or not is also Song Hye Kyo’s own business. As for deleting photos, this should be a personal habit. So instead of paying attention to the divorce of their goddess, netizens should pay attention to what watches she wore!

It has been 23 years since Song Hye Kyo’ debuted. Born in 1981, she is 38 years old. Whether it is from the starring TV series or the Reuters attending the event, the years have not left any trace on her body.

A few days ago, she traveled from Seoul to Singapore to participate in the grand event. It was in this appearance that someone found out that she did not wear a wedding ring and said that they had “divorced.” “Song couples” (Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo) officially entered the marriage hall at the end of 2017. They rarely showed up together after marriage, but they were still very sweet from the photos taken by passers-by. At the time, their wedding was also a “large happiness scene”.

Song Hye Kyo did not wear a watch at the wedding scene. But do not suspect the ability of Song Hye Kyo makes goods popular, her wedding ring is still beautiful, Chaumet Bee My Love series diamond ring is now out of stock. Don’t think that Hye Kyo only has a say in jewelry. When I look at her previous photos, we find that she is still cute and gentle.

We know that Hye Kyo is not high, so when choosing a watch, she will take it for granted that she likes a small-diameter female watch. Indeed, she has worn a few women watches that are not too large in diameter. Song Hye Kyo chose a wide range of watches, sometimes according to the role of the play to choose, sometimes combined with a dress to match. However, she personally prefers watches with larger diameters. The women watch has a diameter of about 36 mm. For small girls, the diameter is still easy to control.

Song Hye Kyo with Chanel Mademoiselle Pearl Bracelet Watch

Chanel Mademoiselle pearl bracelet knock-off watch

Summary: You can say that women’s minds don’t guess, the style of Song Hye Kyo’s selection of watches is so varied and broad, and her marriage is good. The two of them are good, we will bless them far away!