On February 22, 2019, in Paris, France, the funeral of Karl Lagerfeld was held in a low-key manner. Virginie Viard, creative director who took over as Carl, appeared, and she looked awkward.

Of course, everything is not without warning. Last month, Chanel showing, he did not show up for the first time, who has never missed any big show in Chanel, and after the curtain call, he will chat with fashion editors and bloggers for a while. The official reason was “too tired”.

In January 2019, Paris, Chanel Gaoding, Karl Lagerfeld wasn’t present.

When mentions to Karl Lagerfeld (he, born in Hamburg, Germany in 1933, is a famous German fashion designer, being called “Caesar the Great in fashion”. On February 19, 2019, Lafayette died at the age of 85), the first reflection in our minds is always the signature expression of Chanel’s artistic director.

The classic image of Karl Lagerfeld

He, wearing sunglasses, holding the fan, dragging the scorpion behind the head, is always energetic with the eternal sunglasses white hair long, but occupy the high point of the fashion circle. Everyone who knows him knows his cat — Choupette, and many of his artistic inspiration comes from this cat. Lafayette is also proficient in German, English, French, Italian, and a whisper. He is a fan of tradition and future, and is labeled as “a representative of the contemporary Renaissance” by the media.

Anna Wintour also appeared in a low-key, who is the editor of the American version of Vogue magazine. She is also the prototype of the movie “The Devil Wearing PRADA” . Since 1988, Anna has assumed this role and established her position in the fashion world.

Anna became the gold hand to identify fashion trends and support new designers, the British “Guardian” called her “unofficial mayor of New York”. Anna and Lafayette are both opponents and friends, and they have joined forces to rule the fashion world.

There is also a legendary character on the scene. He is only 11 years old, but he is already famous. He is the “cosmetic supermodel” Hudson Cronin! When he was 2 years old, he began to walk in the Chanel show, which is an outstanding representative of the “God’s favored one “.

In addition to the show, Hudson also shot Chanel’s advertising blockbuster for Karl Lagerfeld. He takes him out during the outings on weekdays. In private, they often chat with no scruples. When Karl Lagerfeld died, I believe that Hudson is also very upset.

The death of Buddha’s Lord brought shock to the entertainment industry and the fashion industry.

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