If the Christmas that has just passed has not let you release passion, then accept this sante green gift, which will make you work with the highest efficiency. Green is not only the suitable color that closely related to the nature, but also it symbolizes life and hope. So this color is used in many important occasions, the most typical is the classic color of Christmas. Then let’s take a look at TAG Heuer sante green imitated quartz watch.

Among the many models in TAG Heuer, the Carrera collection is undoubtedly the oldest and most classic collection. Carrera represents passion, adventure and heroism in Spanish. In the world of men, they just need such passion to enrich their lives, use such adventures to add fun and use such heroism to convince the mediocre that is also the meaning of Calella series watches. So, you can’t miss this chronograph!

This imitated timing incorporates the elements of passion into design, adding a new highlight to the original precision mechanical parts and allowing the original timed watch to immediately have a competitive dynamic. The TAG Heuer Replica Chronograph is a must-have for all racing enthusiasts with its outstanding performance and masculinity.

The case is made of polished stainless steel. What’s more, the bezel is engraved with a speed scale for measuring the average speed. When people drive a sports car on the road, this watch can display the average speed of the car. The passion of life is everywhere, letting people always experience the racing feeling of the track.

The round dial is equipped with polished hands that are decorated by the fluorescent coating, and the markers has the same design. The eye-catching focus is on the three chronograph dials, which are quite perfect and gentle for men.

Color of leather strap is really amazing, heavy black and beautiful sante green. The watchmakers naturally use color to render a passion for racing.

The design of crown is also in line with the overall style: the appearance looks like the wheel of the car, while embossing the TAG Heuer LOGO. The two buttons on the top and bottom are responsible for the timing zero, the start and end. And it is easy to learn.

From the side without the crown, people take a closer look at the watchmaking process. The mirror is scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass, which is cut from a piece of polished pure sapphire. The hardness is very high, which makes the watch more durable and prevents the watch from scratching during the movement.

The transparent stainless steel back is engraved with the words “TAG Heue-Cal.16-Swiss Made”, which allows the watchmaker to fully understand each structure of the watch, deepen the love of Swiss watches, and reflect the elegance of TAG Heuer.